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BS&W Pain Management NP Position

Posted almost 3 years ago by Shannon Wright

Job Opening:
Hello! The Temple Pain Clinic (where I work) recently opened up a new position for a nurse practitioner.  The docs and staff that I work with are phenomenal. They're a bunch of nerds and a lot of fun to work with. We have residents that rotate through every month so it facilitates an awesome teaching environment. We're not pushing the census up for this position so it's no rush - we're taking our time to find the right NP/PA for the job.  Most everyone here has been here for years and years - one of our nurses just celebrated 21 years, one of our secretaries celebrated 30 years.  Open to all NPs - new grads are encouraged to apply. I was a new grad when I took the position a few years ago and I'm so happy to be here. Current students graduating soon are also considered and encouraged.  Hours are M-F from 7:00 AM to around 3:30-4 PM when you walk out the door (no charts to take home).  No call.

I'm happy to have anyone e-mail me about the position, or shadow sometime. It's awesome to actually have the position up without being short-staffed in the interim.

I'll probably retire here, and I've got another 40-50 years of my career left, if that means anything :)

Shannon Wright.  Feel free to text me at 254-229-5330.