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CTNP Call for Preceptors!!

Posted over 1 year ago by Shannon Wright

Several attendees of the recent meeting are in need of preceptor hours (primarily in Family Practice).  If you are able to help precept in ANY way (including partial hours) please let us know!  You may contact the students or shannoncraig@gmail.com


  • Amy Coker requires 180 hours in Family or Geriatric Practice for the Summer of 2018 and 360 hours over the Summer.
  • The following UMHB students require: 160 hours in the Fall, 160 hours in Spring 2018, and 240 hours over Summer 2018.
    • Sarah Owsiany has a background in oncology (currently works BSW float pool).
    • Jasmine Morgan has a background in ER.
    • Angie Davis has a background in ER.